Our products are made of high-quality recycled paper as a result of extensive knowledge and experience in paper industry. They have excellent performance and can effectively withstand cushion impacts pressure from heavy stacking.

Our products core advantages are :

  • Excellent runability
  • Desired glue absorption
  • High speed corrugating
  • Adjustable Cobb Value according to customer requirement


General Specifications:

GSM Range: 110-160 gr/m2

Width Range: 200-250 Cm , Trim: 90-120 Cm

Core Diameter: Inner;95-105 / outer;115-125 mm

Roll Diameter: 1250-1320 mm



Fluting Paper

Our fluting paper is suitable for all applications with any flut type including A, B, C and E. It has very good glue absorption which allows corrugating machines to run at maximum speed. Our Fluting paper can handle high speed of converting machines.


100% OCC Test Liner Paper

Our Test Liner Paper is made in one layer with 100% of recycled paper and is usually weaker than Kraft Liner. This type of paper is used for inner layer of cardboard box and sometimes for outer layer due to customer´s requirement and for decreasing box ended cost.We produce test liner in 3 different color shades .


Sherenz paper

This type of paper is used between two corrugated layers for making five layers cardboard in order to decrease ended cost of boxes. This Paper strength is much less than Fluting Paper.